Our Past Days - Keep Safe

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Greyscale Records are thrilled to welcome Our Past Days to the roster, along with their debut album 'Keep Safe!'

Sydney's Our Past days have been doing the hard yards over the last six months putting the finishing touches on their debut album 'Keep Safe.' In-between touring with The Wonder Years, hugging Koalas, and eating enough Maxibons to kill a small army, Our Past Days have honed their sound into an honest mix of emotive pop punk, and rock inspired post-hardcore placing their sound amongst contemporaries like Thrice, Brand New, and Knuckle Puck.

"As a band we found the most important part of the writing process was being completely honest, whether that be through the lyrics, the music or just with one another, leaving everything we had in the studio is the only way we wanted to record." Says Vocalist Matt Doherty.

The band enlisted the help of renowned producer Jay Maas to bring life to the stories they have to tell.

According to guitarist/vocalist Mikey Kerr, "We knew there were certain elements we wanted to achieve and the direction we wanted to go in. To get there we knew we had to bring in someone who could push us as musicians and get to where we needed to be. We love the work Jay has done in thepast and have a lot of respect for his musical history."

Maas was equally as impressed with the band's desire to push themselves to achieve the desired end. "The best part about the new Our Past Days record is the creative growth the band as shown. So often I work with bands that say they are willing to try new things but unfortunately it's rarely the case. I'm so proud of the band for having the courage to not only be open to expanding their own sonic signature, but then being able to pull it off."