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If Dragged Through The Dirt was a story of humans struggling to deal with the world that engulfs them, then today Justice For The Damned proclaim they have found themselves forged in the fires of their own personal hell, and return to spread a message; Pain Is Power. The Sydney five piece have spent the past three years refining their art on stages around the world, then in the middle of 2019 threw themselves deep into the heart of New Jersey to craft what would become their sophomore album, under the watchful gaze of Will Putney. Guitarist Nick Adams expresses the mutual sentiments of all the members of Justice For The Damned "Pain Is Power marks the newest, most exciting chapter in our careers & is also our proudest musical accomplishment. To bring this album to life with a team of such high calibre was nothing short of an immense honour & privilege for which we are forever grateful. In this record we explored a brand new side of ourselves and can't wait for people to dive in and feel the energy we put into it. "

After premiering on triple j's The Racket last night, today the act share the visceral first taste of what fans can expect, the pummelling assault on the senses that is Guidance From The Pain. "Guidance From The Pain definitely sets the tone of the record. It speaks from a perspective of empathy & elevation. Understanding that no matter what you do, there will always be negative people around you & in the world. Sometimes all you can do is watch & learn and try to never be anything like them. It’s better to let karma sort someone out instead of acting out of spite."

After such a time of growth, and then putting your all into pushing every boundary you've ever set for yourself, it would be forgiven if there were some nerves in the Justice camp, however Adams assures that there is nothing but positivity and gratitude. "We are of course excited about the record, but we're also so incredibly grateful to have the team behind JFTD, helping & guiding us with every step of the release. Finally, it's safe to say more than anything right now we're all eager to get on the road and do what we love: tour. We're a fairly ambitious group of people and the future ahead of our new record should reflect that. Justice intends to continue on the path of touring as much as we can and to finally reach some new places that we've been eager to play for a long while now. For fans in faraway places that have been asking us to come visit, you'll see us sooner than you think."