Diamond Construct - Diamond Construct LP

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Hailing from the quiet town of Taree on the New South Wales central coast, Diamond Construct have worked hard to push out of quiet waters, while creating music that is anything but quiet. Their tenacity and work ethic quickly caught the ears of Greyscale Records who heard something truly special in the band, mixing the best parts of metalcore and djent to create some of the heaviest riffs and break downs in the Australian music scene. After joining the Greyscale Family, and releasing their self titled debut, the band quickly hit the road, already having toured with some of Australia’s best upcoming acts such as Justice For The Damned, Alpha Wolf, and Thornhill.

2020 saw the act push themselves to their most creative with their aptly named EP DCX2, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the work of metal core, djent, and EDM with the addition of a DJ/Sampler to the fold. Diamond Construct are one of those bands that are truly at home when they’re on stage, crafting their performance to ensure those watching feel every single word & note being sent out into the world.

But it was their debut self titled LP that fans have been clamouring for since the very beginning, so as part of Greyscale Records 5th birthday celebrations, we're proud to give the fans exactly what they want.