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You'd be forgiven for wondering if there is something in the waters of the quiet town of Taree, as off the back of a hugely successful tour with Thornhill, Diamond Construct today leave their own stamp on the Australian alternative scene with the release of their debut album. "The crowd response to the new songs have been mind blowing." Vocalist Kynan Groundwater shares as he looks back at the recent tour. "Fans already know the words and are screaming them back at us for most of the shows on the Thornhill tour that we’ve just completed. It’s something that’s pretty new to us but we are so humbled by it. "

Today, the four piece hold a sense of accomplishment as this album finally sees the light of day, and the world can hear the fruits of their labour. "We are so very stoked to get our debut out to everyone who has been following us, whether that's been for a while now or those who are just finding out about us recently. We've been getting constant messages saying that they can’t wait for it to drop. We do this for them."