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Diamond Construct smashed their way out of Taree and onto the Australian scene last year with their crushing debut self titled album, and album that lead them to multiple national tours and a spot on the 2020 Unify Gathering lineup. Today the band looks to stamp their own mark as they announce their boundary pushing new EP DCX2.

The creation process for DCX2 was no simple feat, but as bassist Alex Ford explains, it was a necessary time of discomfort that lead to a moment of self discovery. "DCX2 was written at a time of great change for Diamond Construct, and this bleeds through the new sound, steering band and listener alike towards a destination unexplored." When it came to the roadmap for creation, guitarist Braden Groundwater explains that nothing was off the cards "There was no guidelines, just a vision. We were listening to a lot of modern trap and EDM and blending it with everything we built on our last record. Honestly more then anything, writing music right now for Diamond Construct just feels more fun than ever before, resulting in our most honest release. We experimented with a lot of cool 808s, electronic drums, and Guitar FX. The writing approach for DCX2 was totally different anything we've written in the past few years."

The first taste of the new direction is now upon the world with the first single Psychosis, which Ford defines as "a cataclysmic blend of rhythm and melody and just the right amount of DC groove." Fans will notice a strong shift in influence as more electronic samples are featured, changing up the norm for a metal band as now-permanent DJ Callum Nicholls adds a unique dynamic to Diamond Construct's sound. Braden Groundwater adding that this track represents the band truly finding their feet "Psychosis is what I see as the foundation of where we're going as a band; representing what we wanted to accomplish on the EP, and as a band. It's my favourite song we've done to date. Honestly it gives me that same exciting fresh feeling as when I wrote my first song probably nearly 10 years ago now "

In terms of what fans can expect for the future, vocalist Kynan Groundwater is certain this new direction will only lead to more exciting things for the band. "It all came together so easy for us. It felt right and created a brand new vibe that we could finally identify with solely being our own with so much room to explore more. This is why 4 tracks is a perfect taste of what’s to come. Integrating a DJ was a must considering the amount of layers we used so it was obvious to get our mate Cal back into the group who had been working on his skills in that area for quite some time. We finally feel we have the vibe we’ve always wanted, DCX2 is by far our best effort yet."