Bloom - In Passing 1LP + Tee Bundle

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Sydney melodic hardcore outfit Bloom are the latest signing to rising Australian label Greyscale Records, home to acts such as Alpha Wolf, Make Them Suffer, and The Beautiful Monument - now comes their debut EP In Passing

To properly capture the creative vision Bloom had for the EP, the band enlisted the help of fellow Greyscale Family member Christopher Vernon (Belle Haven). Hawkey continues that while the mood for the EP is a sombre one, the creation process was a cherished time for the young act.

"After working with Chris on our last single 'Cold', we knew he was the one we wanted to work with for 'In Passing'. His ability to take a small idea and build an entire song around it is second to none. We love working with CV and can see many future Bloom releases with his name on them. As for the future between Bloom and Greyscale Records, Hawkey says the whole experience has been humbling. "The craziest part is it’s something we have joked about since we started. We’ve always looked up to Greyscale and have always talked about the impact Greyscale has had on alternative Australian acts. We are extremely excited to finally be able to share with our family and friends this next chapter, and can’t wait to see where future releases through Greyscale will take us.”


1. The Service

2. The Boat & The Stream

3. Daylight

4. June

5. In Passing



1. The Service (Live In Studio)

2. The Boat & The Stream (Live In Studio)

3. Daylight (Live In Studio)

4. June (Live In Studio)

5. In Passing (Live In Studio)

6. Cold