Belle Haven - You, Me And Everything In Between

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Belle Haven translates to mean "a beautiful place of safety;" that's probably why every show of theirs feels like a gathering of more than just people, but of family coming together to share a moment. The Melbourne five-piece have spent years connecting with their fanbase in every way possible, vocalist David Vernon starting every show with "We are Belle Haven. You are Belle Haven." reminding the crowd that they are just as much a part of the band as the members themselves. This passion is seen through everything the band does, from the DIY ethic they bring to their art, to taking the time to talk to every single person who comes up to them after a show.

Their 2015 debut album 'Everything Ablaze' took Belle Haven from local stages, to audiences both across the country and around the world, with the band touring off their own back to join Norma Jean on a run of shows around the USA. The follow up single "The Carving Knife" then gave their family a taste of things to come; but now the band is ready to share with you the new era of their ever evolving art form, joining forces with Greyscale Records to announce the release of their new album 'You, Me, And Everything In Between.'

Belle Haven have made a name for themselves as a band never happy to rest on their laurels, constantly challenging themselves and their music, always looking to do more.

'You, Me, And Everything In Between' is the full stop to end the statement; "We are Belle Haven, You are Belle Haven."