Belle Haven - Time Changes Nothing

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"When you have experienced an awfully long and deep depression, death can begin to feel like the only way out of the pain." Explains vocalist David De La Hoz. "Loved ones will try desperately to reason with you, but depression is powerful. It can twist that love and compassion into selfishness ... Sometimes the only thing that understands is the paper under my pen."

'Time Changes Nothing' is the first extended release from the band in four years. In a recent chat with Blunt Mag, De La Hoz revealed the excitement that came with new music that ultimately rejuvenated the band and readied them for 2021:

"With every idea, we all began to feel increasingly excited. Smiling, shouting, pointing, air drumming, all of it. I felt like I was watching a moment that merely a year ago I thought I may not ever experience again, and I felt so overwhelmed I couldn’t help but cry. This led us to a very wholesome group embrace. It was a special moment. It felt so good to feel good about being in Belle Haven again."

Consisting of four best friends, David De La Hoz (vocals), Christopher Vernon (guitar/vocals), Daniel Marinakis (guitar) and Thomas Mitchell (bass), Belle Haven have a passion for music and people and have proven to be a consistently evolving art form. After enduring an entire year of plans for new music and touring being cancelled due to COVID-19, the band celebrated an emo Christmas at the end of 2020 with their seasonal single, "Moving On". As the world attempts to get back on it’s feet after the pandemic, so too does Belle Haven.